To All Fellow Auto Enthusiasts

Click for Region Auto Show Registration Form

The Hornets Nest Region, AACA, invites you to join us for the Region Auto Show during Fall Charlotte AutoFair. The “Region Auto Show – Original to Custom” will take place on Saturday in September. See the event schedule on this website for the September dates.

The Region Auto Show – Original to Custom is limited to the first registered 225 vehicles. This Auto Show includes the opportunity to show modified and street rod vehicles in the “Custom” group. This Auto Show is pre-registered only. This event will be judged, and awards given for first and second place positions.

The Charlotte AutoFair Fall Meet features an automotive collector vehicle flea market, one-on-one car corral sales area and the Region Auto Show – all produced by the Hornets Nest Region, AACA. Various other vehicle shows, exhibits and a collector car auction are sponsored by others.

Cruise-In Thursday and Friday – $20 Vehicle includes Charlotte Auto-fair Admission – Click here for a registration form.

Please note carefully the following:

  • The registration fee is $25/vehicle.
  • Entrants will receive two (2) personal passes for each vehicle registered in the Auto Show, which are good for all four days of Charlotte AutoFair. These passes will be mailed with your confirmation.
  • This show is pre-registered only for Original vehicles which are twenty-five years old, or older – and for all Custom vehicles of any vintage.
  • Registrations must be postmarked by the deadline.
  • Your confirmation of Region Auto Show entry will be mailed within two weeks after the deadline.
  • All vehicles must display a fire extinguisher when being shown or will not be eligible for awards.
  • During judging of vehicles, the car must be unlocked, trunk and hood open and convertible top and windows in the up position.
  • Dash Plaques will be presented to all entered vehicles which are on the Region Auto Show field.
  • Awards will be made at 3:00 PM on the Region Auto Show field.
  • No “For Sale” signs or displays are allowed on Region Auto Show field.
  • All trailers are required to be left outside the Speedway Infield – trailers will not be brought into the AACA Auto Show field area for any reason – all vehicles must be driven onto the Show Field.

We look forward to seeing you at the Region Auto Show during Fall Charlotte AutoFair.